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Teen Drug Abuse

In our society today our teens are constantly bombarded by  sexy marketing ploys about how to look and how to act. I think that it’s the number one reason that the peer pressure can get out of control. Every day there are ten year old girls begging to get the make-up or clothes that they saw their favorite star wearing in a commercial or on the red carpet. Ok.. So.. They’re kids, right? Well they are learning to want very adult things earlier and earlier every generation. I think that today that stuff comes with more strings attached than ever before.

Take a look at Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. These two woman  are the envy of most young teens in one way or another. All we seem to hear about them in the news is their problems with substance abuse. It’s obvious to me that they have a long road to travel before they have things straightened out. I wish them the best of luck. The issue is, how can we protect our young teens from thinking that those celeberties behaviour is normal? It’s impossible to shield them from what they see all around them. I think that talking to your teens is the best way to educate them against what the media is bombarding them with.  This link should be a helpful start:

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