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Vivitrol Is Here!

Vivitrol was approved by the FDA today and is ready to prescribe for opiate addicts. It is a monthly injection of Naltrexone that blocks opioid receptors in the brain. Vivitrol also claims to end cravings for opioid drugs.. Studies have shown great promise for this treatment. It has been around for the treatment of alcoholism but is now able to be prescribed for opioid abuse.

Naltrexone Injection

One great use for this new medication is for patients that have finished a Suboxone treatment cycle.  Ending Suboxone is a scary proposition for most patients. The sometimes feel that without it they are open to relapse. This is a valid concern. The relapse rate for patients of opioid addiction has always been high. Thats why it is highly recommended that people in Suboxone treatment go to NA or AA regularly during therapy. The relapse rate for those that do not go to NA or AA is 70% The rate for those that do is 30-40%.

Vivitrol gives us another tool for addicts when making the transfer off of Suboxone. If patents are given this drug they will still not be susceptible to opioid abuse and have less cravings with out having any narcotics in them!

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