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7 Ways Of Getting Hepatitis C

The New year is here and I thought it would be a good idea to spread some good knowledge around.  A lot of folks have asked me about Hepatitis C Transmission.   Here is the fast version: Hepatitis C is a viral infection of the liver that is contracted  from blood on blood contact. There is a 1% chance of contracting it from heterosexual contact. That is to say if it is “normal” contact,  not the rough stuff.  Homosexual contact is another story.  The chances go up significantly during homosexual contact due to the fact that many times there is blood involved.  It is highly recommended to use a condom for intercourse during rough sex and homosexual anal contact.

That was the fast version, but there is much more to talk about.  We should go over all the ways to spread this virus .  Today, sharing needles is the #1 way to spread  HCV.  The highest risk group right now is intravenous drug users.  Unfortunately, these drug users  end up sharing needles and Paraphernalia in desperation to get high.  This happens way more often than people realize. That’s why I think it is so important for communities to have some sort of needle exchange. You can find local pharmacies that will sell a pack of syringes to you if you’re polite and low-key. It’s only 2 bucks for a 10 pack!

Here are the other leading  ways you can get HCV :

  1. Use of needles and all paraphernalia related to injecting drugs. (Needle, Spoon or Cup/Tin, Water that’s being used, Cotton, etc.NOTE: It astounded me how many users were willing to share needles, cups of used water, and used spoons!   I told a fellow user that I had Hepatitis C type 1a (the worst kind) and he said he didn’t care.. He still wanted to use my syringe!  I asked him if he had hep C and he said that he  “has no idea”, and “it doesn’t matter!”  I told him that NO, he could not use my needle, and that he needed to get tested to find out if he was positive for Hep C and HIV.  This behavior is very common…  This way of thinking is probably how I ended up with Hep C and probably how you will too!  Don’t assume that you already have it and/or that it doesn’t matter if you share needles or cups of water and spoons.  PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL COSTS!!!
  2. It is possible to spread it by sharing a Cocaine Straw, or any other snorting device as someone’s nose could be bleeding.
  3. Sharing a toothbrush, razor blade, tweezers, nail clippers and other personal care items with an infected person. (Bleeding gums could infect toothbrushes and dental floss dispensers.) Some experts extend this warning even to hair brushes.
  4. Contaminated piercing or tattoo tools. Make sure you ask them if they clean the tools as per state regulation.
  5. Blood transfusion This  almost never happens anymore.
  6. Infected medical waste or someone in the medical field that has an accidental infection
  7. Rough sex, usually with anal intercourse.

That wraps it up!  Your friends and family should have nothing to worry about as long as you avoid interacting in the ways described in the list above. Don’t worry about sharing eating utensils (unless for drug use) and kissing, hugging, or casual contact.  The CDC has ruled all of those activities out.

If you are worried that you may have Hepatitis C Please call the number on the graphic below for a private and simple way to get tested:
Call Now: 888-389-1676

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