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How Big Tobacco Lied To Us

Effects Of Smoking

I think it is time to address the issues of cigarette addiction.  When I was growing up it was cool to smoke, everyone did it. I think that is a way younger kids tend to rebel.  Of course It was also cool to do Heroin… So lets not make up any more excuses. . The effects of smoking are debilitating. It can cause Emphysema and Cancer, it strains your heart and blood vessels, and it cuts off oxygen to your feet and hands, to name a few. Some smokers have even had their limbs amputated! If you smoke 20 cigarettes per day for a year, your lungs would have 1 cup of tar in them. Smoking is one of the leading causes of Heart disease. I smoked cigarettes for about 15 years of my life.  I knew all about the poison that I was putting into my body, but let’s face it, the cocaine and heroin weren’t exactly good either.  In my opinion nicotine is as addictive as any other drug.  In fact it has been proven.  This is how nicotine goes through the brain. Nicotine and brain receptors(Courtesy of I was one of the lucky ones because I was able to quit with the help of  nicotine chewing gum.  Now I’m addicted to the gum… But one step at a time.  At least my lungs are recovering. The tobacco Companies Lied and deceived us  to no end.  They even lied to congress! Check out this video..

These guys are shameless! Why do we let big corporations get away with this stuff? This internal tobacco company reportsays just the opposite of that testimony! It shows that big tobacco has been conspiring against humanity for a long time now.

I know that cigarette packs have warning labels on them now, but why did they have to lie in the first place? I hope that this makes everyone think twice before starting this disgusting habit. If you need help quitting visit the Why Quit website. It shows Bryan Curtis, a young man with his wife and young child. After only a few months of being diagnosed with cancer he looked like a corpse. My heart goes out to the family. He smoked for 20 years before he was diagnosed. Wake up people! It can happen to anyone at any time.

Stop Smoking Methods

I was a moderate – heavy smoker for about 15 years. It all started when an older kid that my friends and I looked up to offered us a cigarette. It was a “cool” thing for us to smoke. We felt like rebels. I would even have a “smoking glove” that I hid in the woods where we would smoke before going to the bus stop. I wore the glove to try and stop the smell from getting on my hand. It didn’t work, my mom caught me several times and punished me. Of course I knew better, and she just wanted to exercise control over my life, and I would never let that happen! So I became a full time smoker. I quit two years ago, and feel so much better. It was not that hard, really. I used nicotine chewing gum. The only problem is that the gum is hard to stop as well, but I would rather chew the gum than ruin my health. My friend used this product that I have advertised here on the left, and he said it was great. I looked it up on amazon and it is a game, but before you dismiss it, you should look at the reviews by clicking the link. It does look promising! Obviously you don’t have to purchase anything if you click it, but you can get more information. Check it out and support this site while getting healthy! You can also click on the Nicorette link. Thats the exact flavor and strength that I used, and It was very successful!

I also looked at another on-line source for quitting. This is a product that lets you download an E book that has the author’s methods. I personally have not tried it, but it seems popular.Click Here if you would like to give it a look.
Also a FREE site that’s got a lot of methods by people that shared their success.

How to Quit Smoking

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