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District Attorney Who Prosecuted Paris Hilton for Cocaine Possession Arrested Buying Cocaine

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Paris Hilton Prosecutor arrested for cocaine

Reuters reports:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Las Vegas deputy district attorney who prosecuted Paris Hilton for cocaine possession was arrested over the weekend after allegedly buying a rock of cocaine, authorities said on Monday.

Clark County Deputy District Attorney David Schubert, 47, was taken into custody in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon and booked on one count of cocaine possession.

Schubert, who has prosecuted Hilton and pop star Bruno Mars on similar charges, was released on Sunday after posting bail and was scheduled for an initial court appearance on Monday.

“I’m very disappointed to learn one of our prosecutors was allegedly buying rock cocaine,” Clark County District Attorney David Roger told Reuters in a telephone interview. “This is an individual I placed a great deal of trust in by assigning him to a state and federal drug task force.”

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This is the kind of news that I live for.  Many would be hard pressed to know anyone as a chronic drug user that hasn’t been charged with some sort of drug crime.  I myself was arrested on three occasions while in possession of a controlled substance.   I’m not saying that I did not deserve it, after all I was breaking the law.  Never mind that all of the cases were thrown out of court because the police were not operating in any legal fashion.  What really gets me is the inequality that comes with this territory.  If I did not have the resources to pay for a real good attorney I would have spent a few years in prison in each occasion.  I met so many people in jail that had really been taken advantage of by the system.  It made me sick to my stomach.  Lets watch this case and see what happens.

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