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Does Milk Thistle Work For Hepatitis C? – Where To Buy Milk Thistle

Does milk thistle work for hepatitis CDoes milk thistle work for Hepatitis C? Well, I can give you the short answer right now; Maybe… As a matter of fact, the chances are pretty good with a proper diet. I have been taking it for about 1 year now and have felt some positive results already.  My Liver is no longer painful and inflamed I have Hepatitis C genotype 1a. If you don’t know already, type 1a is the most difficult to treat.  So, let’s take a closer look at the Liver.

What Does The Liver Actually Do?

For starters, our entire blood supply passes through the liver many times through out the course of a day.  Most people don’t even realize how complex it is or how many important functions it is responsible for.  One of the most important jobs is filtering out bacteria in our blood supply.  It’s kind of like the body’s filter unit.  It also creates important chemicals for breaking down and storing  the food that you eat .  It also converts sugar into glycogen and stores it until the muscles.  To make a long story short; Everything that you put on your body goes through the Liver.  You cannot survive without the work it does for your body. Therefore it is very important that we protect it!

Does Milk Thistle Work?

Lets talk a bit about what milk thistle really is.  There are three core flavonoids that are the most potent ingreadients of milk thistle,  silydianin, silybin, and silychristin.  These three components make up what is called silymarin.  Milk Thistle works by strengthening the outer membrane of hepatocytes (Liver cells) making it harder for toxins (like alcohol) to enter them.  Amazingly, it also promotes the regeneration of the Liver and it’s cells.  It even regenerates damaged Liver cells!  This is good news for anyone, let alone a person who suffers from Hepatitis C.  There are limited and clouded yet encouraging studies to prove that milk thistle does indeed have positive effects on the liver.  There are sure to be more conclusive studies out very soon.  In my humble, non- medical opinion, anyone that has alcoholic liver damage or chronic hepatitis should be taking milk thistle.   It has helped many people!

How Much Milk Thistle Should I Take Per Day?

Before you go and buy milk thistle you need to know what to look for in a product that would be helpful.  The main helpful ingredient  is Silybin(silymarin).  You need to get a product that has 80% Silybin and that uses a silymarin-phosphatidylcholine complex. Basically the phosphaticdycholine allows the silymarin to absorb into the blood at a much higher and effective rate. Very important!  The dosage for this would be 200 mg 2 -3 times per day to be effective.

What Is The Best Milk Thistle Brand?

Where To Buy Milk Thistle

There are plenty of manufacturers  out there, so as long as you follow the guidelines I mentioned above, you should be fine.  I recommend Maximum Milk Thistle, 90 240 mg Capsules or the new Natural Wellness UltraThistle.  Both of these products are probably the best that you’re going to find anywhere. There is also another product that I take for my liver health. LiverCare/Liv.52 is a fantastic supplement that keeps your liver enzyme levels at norm. Take this in conjunction with Milk Thistle, and your doctor will be floored after a months use when he/she re-tests you. If you want a great product that’s even cheaper, try these ones below. I checked them out and they are also great.

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