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Amy Winehouse Dead At Age 27


Amy Winehouse - iTunes Festival 20/07/2011

Amy Winehouse - iTunes Festival 20/07/2011

JILL LAWLESS LONDON (AP) — Few artists summed up their own career in a single song — a single line — as well as Amy Winehouse.

“They tried to make me go to rehab,” she sang on her world-conquering 2006 single, “Rehab.” “I said ‘No, no no.'”

Occasionally, she said yes, but to no avail: repeated stints in hospitals and clinics couldn’t stop alcohol and drugs scuttling the career of a singer whose distinctive voice, rich mix of influences and heart-on-her sleeve sensibility seemed to promise great things.

In her short lifetime, Winehouse too often made headlines because of drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, destructive relationships and abortive performances. But it’s her small but powerful body of recorded music that will be her legacy.

The singer was found dead Saturday at age 27 by ambulance crews called to her home in north London’s Camden area, a youth-culture mecca known for its music scene, its pubs — and the availability of illegal drugs. She joins the ranks of drug-addled rock stars Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison, who died at the same age.

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Amy Winehouse Update – 8/23/2011:  The medical report has come in and there was no sign of drugs in her system what so ever.  She did not die of a drug overdose.  There was some alcohol but experts are waiting for the final solicitor’s report to find out what extent; if any, that it played in her death.

Regardless of one’s opinion of drug use and abuse, there is no denying that Amy Winehouse was as talented as they come in the word of popular music.  Tony Bennett, who recorded the pop standard “Body And Soul” with Winehouse at London’s Abbey Road Studios in March for an upcoming duets album, called her “an artist of immense proportions.”

Anyone who has followed her short career knows about the struggles with  drugs and alcohol.  You could see the change of her appearance and demeanor as time progressed.  In the top left picture she recently looked a lot healthier and there has been talk of her getting clean.  Of course that picture really proves nothing, it’s just an observation from some one who has been in the same situation.  On the other hand, some have reported her to be visibly intoxicated while on stage about to start her European tour.  Amy Winehouse would cancel the tour saying she needed to get healthy.

The police say that cause of death won’t be released until Monday at the earliest.  I hate to speculate but I am guessing that there was a relapse involved.  Many times when addicts relapse after a period of sobriety, they try and take the same dose as was used at the time before sobering up.  A very good friend of mine passed away under that same circumstance.  What happens is:  When an addict is regularly using a drug the body build up a tolerance.  As time goes by it takes larger and larger amounts to achieve the wanted effect.

When that same addict goes into recovery they start to lose the tolerance that they once had.  This  is a very dangerous time because when addicts relapse they tend to do the same amount as when they quit.  This has a good chance of causing an overdose.

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