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Concerning GHB Treatment

The number of people who are slaves to addiction today is phenomenal. You or someone you know may be in the ring of addiction to prescription drugs. The circle of drugs and withdrawal is a frightening place. Getting out is harder for some people due to the drug they are using. One that is becoming increasingly popular will require professional Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate addiction rehab.

Schedule 1 Drug

GHB, Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate, is a Schedule I controlled substance. It is classified as a central nervous system depressant and can have multiple side effects that many illicit drug users find pleasant. First developed in Europe as an analgesic, it has since become widely abused and the choice drug for illicit use in many countries. No longer used in the traditional sense of analgesic medicine, GHB hit the bodybuilding scene.

Bodybuilders and GHB

One place that has helped Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate popularity is the gym. The ironic part of this is gyms are there to help you get healthier. Many bodybuilders have started using it because they are led to believe it has properties that allow muscle building and weight loss to take place. Bodybuilders everywhere should know this drug has never been scientifically proven to be an anabolic substance. However, it is extremely addicting.

Multiple Addictions

Most people who end up abusing Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate are also using other prescription drugs to get high. Many Valium users have been reported to be favorable to Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate. Statistics also show that alcohol abusers seem to favor this drug as well. Keep in mind one substance addiction leads to another for many people. Making sure you or someone you care about receives rehabilitation is important for any addiction.

Being an addict can be the worst nightmare anyone could imagine. While others around that person may think an addict is enjoying the high they get from this drug, they might take a moment and reconsider. The only high an addict usually enjoys is the first few times. After that, highs are maintained to avoid the pain of withdrawal. Withdrawal is the greatest reason many addicts avoid entering rehab.

Family and Friends Can Help

The fear of going through withdrawal is the best reason for friends and family members to get involved with the addict they are concerned about. Going through the pain is easier when you have someone with you that understands and cares. Checking with professionals at a rehabilitation center and learning ways to support someone that is addicted is best.

Withdrawal Fears

Most addicts shy away from GHB rehab due to the fear of withdrawal symptoms. Most addicts have probably had a taste of the physical pain, anxiety and terrified mental state that comes with withdrawal. For some addicts, facing this kind of pain is too much even in those that wish to off the drug. In fact, stopping this drug abruptly can be dangerous due to its uncertain unpredictability.

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