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Jenkem – A Very Disputed Hallucinogen

Young adults are known for their ridiculous escapades in finding the next cheap high. Some have resorted to snorting nutmeg found in their household spice rack or even snorting recreational bath salts that are not related to soaking in tub. There are however other disturbing and disgusting trends that young adults in the world have resorted to. Although primarily restricted to Zambia, the disputed inhalant known as Jenkem may have reached the United States. Any young adult who uses inhalants or any other drug should seek help at a drug rehab center that features a teen drug program.


Jenkem is a much disputed drug, although verified as a drug in Zambia its use in the United States has created wide controversy. Many of the reports from the United States detailing the use of this drug have been debunked as hoaxes. Although that may have been the case initially, there are cases of its use being reported popping up. The only way to get over this addiction is to go to drug rehabilitation.

The Horror

Jenkem was first reported as a drug of choice among the children of Zambia in the early 90’s. A non-profit organization that worked primarily with orphaned street children in Africa reported it as the third most popular drug. Jenkem is a hallucinogenic inhalant that is made from fermented human waste. So, basically, Zambian street orphans are getting high off of human feces.


Jenkem is created by scraping fermented human waste from sewage pipes and storing it in plastic bags and letting it stew. Others will scrape the human waste into cans or containers and then cover the containers with a polyethylene bag and leave the concoction to ferment. The methane gas is then formed at the top of the container or bag which is the main inhalant.


There have been varying reports dictating the effects of Jenkem. It is used as a hallucinogenic; the high is more potent than that of cannabis. The hallucinations are of an auditory and visual nature. Aside from the euphoria there are other effects. Bio-hazards aside, hypoxia resulting from lack of oxygen flow is very detrimental to the human body.


In 2007 there were reports of Jenkem use in the United States. These were widely debunked as hoaxes that created a media frenzy that resulted in the reporting of Jenkem. Some argue that it is a fictitious drug. Jenkem is a drug of choice in Africa, although its use in the United States is widely disputed. There have been recent reports stating the use of Jenkem in American high school. The slang term “butt hash” was coined near Jacksonville, Florida, so clearly kids know about Jenkem.

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