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Indications of a Mental Health Problem


Mental Health Problem


In any kind of disease and mental ailment, recognition of the symptoms is the first step towards having the right diagnosis.  A person’s mental health is just as important as his or her physical body.  People should not only be focused on achieving a perfect body but should also ensure that their mental state is healthy and stable.  Similar to any type of health issues, there are treatments available for different types of mental issues.

Mental health refers to an individual’s emotional and psychological state.  There are instances in our daily lives that may affect our emotions that can lead to behavioural changes.  Also, the lifestyle and habits of a person can determine their current state.  Problems related to this are referred to as mental health problems, which can be classified as either neurotic or psychotic.  Here are some indications that can help in determining if someone is suffering from a mental health crisis:

Anxiety Disorder

Commonly known as panic attacks; the feeling of being anxious or worried is actually normal but the frequency and magnitude of the occurrence could determine if someone is already suffering from an anxiety disorder. People who suffer from this order often experience the feeling of fear and uneasiness due to a particular incident that can trigger the attack.

Common symptoms of an anxiety disorder are:

  1. -difficulty in breathing
  2. -chest pains
  3. -dizziness and possible fainting
  4. -fast heartbeat
  5. -constant feeling of fear and terror

Anxiety disorder is also common to people who suffer from addiction such as substance abuse. Getting help in treating the disease starts with consulting a medical professional. If addiction is believed to be the cause of the mental problem, programs that include rehabilitation, therapy sessions or being in a sober living home are the available treatment options.


Depression is defined as the feeling of severe sadness that can lead to lose of interest in life and personal relationships. Life incidents such as accident or death of a loved one can lead to a depressive state. People who suffer from depression opt to disassociate themselves from other people and lose interest in performing their daily tasks.

The indicators of a possible depression can range from simple changes in one’s behavior such as mood swings to being destructive and even having suicidal tendencies. Other symptoms of depression are:

  1. -feeling of guilt, being worthless and guilt
  2. -change in eating habits which can either be loss of appetite or overeating
  3. -change in sleeping habits: insomnia or oversleeping
  4. -fatigue and irritability
  5. -loss of interest at work and home activities


A severe form of mental illness, schizophrenia is characterized by having multiple or split personalities. Proper diagnosis is necessary in order to treat the disease. Studies also suggest that a family history of mental illness can make a person more prone to suffering from the same type of disease. Although the battle with schizophrenia is a life long struggle, treatment programs are available to keep the symptoms under control.

Individuals suffering from schizophrenia may manifest the following symptoms:

  1. -hallucinations
  2. -delusions
  3. -severe anxiety
  4. -difficulty in making decisions
  5. -hearing voices inside their heads
  6. -disassociation to friends and family members
  7. -psychosis

Treatment for schizophrenia involves the combination of prescription medications and therapy sessions. It helps the patient deal with day-to-day activities and controls the symptoms of the illness. Prescription drugs that are anti-psychosis are prescribed to patients.

If you or someone you know may be suffering from a type of mental illness, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor and discuss the symptoms. The medical history of the family may also be considered during diagnosis, as this could be a contributing factor to the disease.


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