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Natural Remedies to Overcome Addiction


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How To Help A Recovering Addict:


Other than alcohol and drug abuse, an individual could be addicted to other substances such as masturbation, watching adult movies and gambling. Harmful addiction affects ones psychological and emotional well-being. The person tends to withdraw from other people and demonstrates signs of low self-esteem. Without necessarily having to go to a doctor, the individual could use natural methods to tackle their addiction problems.

Alcohol and drug abuse:

If you realize that alcohol has addicted you and cannot do away with it, it is high time you try to avoid your drinking buddies. Why? They might be the people dragging you into the habit. Get out from the friendship and look for other friends who are non-alcoholics. Of course, you do not have to make it look as though they are bad company or negative influence on you. Find a nice excuse that they will buy for your withdrawal.
Apart from addicting you, alcohol and drug abuse creates a dent in your pocket since you have to buy them now and then. Tackling your addiction problem therefore, also means that you will be handling your financial problems too. You will be killing two birds with one stone. To effectively do this, develop a set of objectives that you want to achieve with your money.
How do you want to spend what you earn? Once you have set this list of objectives, stick to it. You could also promise yourself some rewards if you hit your targets. The reward however should not be a bottle of beer or anything that drags you back to your old habits. It could be something else like a much needed shirt or a holiday trip.


Though masturbation has not been shown to cause any medical problems, it makes one have a guilty conscience; something that could affect how they relate with other people. In handling masturbation, it is good to identify the pattern of activities that happen before one does it. This way, you will be able to solve it gradually.
If you masturbate during shower time, make sure that you bathe quickly with thoughts of what you will do after bathing on your mind.
Other people masturbate during bedtime. If that is the case, go to bed with pajamas and underwear’s on. This way, you will not be able to access your intimate body parts easily. At the same time, read self-improvement books before going to bed. This way, you will be thinking about what you read before sleep slowly takes you.
Idleness and watch of pornography could lead you to masturbating. It is therefore very important that you avoid anything erotic. If the movies or magazines at home are erotic, get rid of them. Avoid being idle. They say that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Find constructive things to do and schedule your time on how you will be doing them. If the masturbation temptation persists, find good music and listen to it. You could also read an interesting book. Try as much as possible to immerse yourself.


Gambling, just like alcohol, makes you waste so much of your money and time on it. You could also be hurt in the game since some people in it are crooks who will do anything to get money. To tackle a gambling addiction, try as much as possible to be involved in physical and strenuous activities. You should also avoid as much as possible avoid casinos and gambling joints.

If the addiction symptoms still persist even after using these natural remedies, try medical remedies. The best ever known among them is the use of the EHIC card. With this card, one can access medical therapy from European countries at reduced prices. The card has a validity of five years and could be used by you or any other family member you registered during the acquisition of the card.

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