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Drug Abuse Websites

This site is a personal project that I’ve wanted to start for the past 5 years. Now that I have got the help that I have desperately needed, I feel that it is my mission to try and educate people about the ins and outs of the problems of drug addiction and diseases associated with using drugs.  When I finally became sober and started to lead a productive life again, I went online to search for drug abuse websites that offer real solutions for the many souls that are desperately trapped in addiction.  The main goal was to find some resources that come from the point of view of a recovering addict that has overcome multiple addictions through many trials and tribulations.  I wanted to find some places that can relate to the addict or co-dependent that know they need help, but have no confidence that they can achieve sobriety, or even if it would be worth their efforts to begin with.

Searching through the many drug abuse websites that are out there, I ran into a few great ones, but not nearly enough!  So I decided to put in my own effort to try and help anyone that wants to listen.  This is my attempt at giving my two cents worth of lessons learned and knowledge that I have gained the hard way out to you!

Reaching Out To You

I try and make this information as interesting as possible, but as honest with myself and with you as I can be.(Which is sometimes a little “too much information” about some shocking things that I’ve done while using…)  Don’t judge…  Just listen and try and put you or your loved ones in the same situation.  This may be a great way to get through to you or maybe even receive a much needed wake-up call.

Please write me with ANY questions and thoughts!  That’s why I’m doing this whole thing.  I’d be happy to try and give personal (non-professional) advice.  Let me know if you have any topics that you think might be helpful for everyone and I’ll write about them!  I am going to have some contests in the future so get ready!  Also, If anyone has any ideas for contests or how else we can get involved let me know and I’ll even involve you or your group if that would be appropriate.  Fill Out The Contact Form below to get in touch with me.

DISCLAIMER: We are not medical doctors and do not claim to cure anything. This site is to be used as a reference only. While we hope that information on this publication will be helpful, we ask that you please consult a licensed medical doctor to get clean and diagnose any ailments.

— Mike

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