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Various interesting news.

Hepatitis C Triple Therapy | New Hep C Treatment

This is great news for those patients that have not responded to current treatment.

Addicted Nurses

A nurse who treated her patients while high on their drugs at the veterans hospital in Salem was sentenced Friday to 30 days in jail. “She was high when she was supposed to be treating and protecting and caring for these patients,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Charlene Day said. “No one wants a nurse stumbling around high.”

Opiate Implant Shows Success

Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have announced positive results from its phase III placebo clinical study of Probuphine, in determining the safety of it’s drug in treating opioid dependence. Probuphine is not a full opiate, it is a Suboxone.  The patient only makes one decision every six months, greatly reducing the chance of non- compliance with the […]

Is the Situation Using Cocaine?

MTV’s reality series “Jersey Shore” has done its 2nd season in South Beach Miami. It has been a fist pumping frenzy as of yet! There have been recent allegations that “The Situation” as he is known was caught using Cocaine. This has not been proven to be fact as of yet. The story coming from […]

Comedian Greg Giraldo dead of overdose after speaking at Drug Addiction Recovery Rally?

Another celebrity has died of a drug overdose. Greg Giraldo was a young and talented Comedian who was best known for his celebrity roast appearances. A little known fact is, he used to be an attorney for the high powered law firm Skadden for less than a year before he switched careers and went into […]

Drug Death Chart Vs. Media Reports

Click To Enlarge This is a real interesting statistics chart about drug deaths related to media coverage. Notice how it appears that more people died from FDA approved anti-depressants than some other serious narcotics! This is a wake up call that reminds us that our own medicine cabinet can harm our loved ones as well […]

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