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Cocaine Addiction: A New Weapon-How To Stop

cocaine. Reading this article gives me new hope of a possible weapon in fighting this addiction. What these doctors have discovered is: taking a chemical that replicates what the drug’s structure is and attaching it to some snippets of a cold virus alerts the immune system to what Cocaine looks like and protects the body […]

Mom’s Past Drug Abuse May Alter Brain Chemistry of Offspring

A study suggests that moms -to -be that have used narcotics in their adolescence pass down an added risk for addiction and other psychiatric conditions to their children and grand children’s brain chemistry. […]

Black patients fare well on Vertex hepatitis C drug

By Bill Berkrot NEW YORK | Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:12am EDT (Reuters) – A closer look at data from a late stage trial of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc’s eagerly anticipated hepatitis C drug telaprevir showed impressive cure rates for black patients and for patients with advanced liver disease. In the Phase III study known as […]

Could This Be A Cure For The “Addiction” Part Of Heroin Abuse?

Heroin addiction gene identified and blocked 15:00 31 May 2005 by Jennifer Viegas Scientists have not only identified a critical gene involved in heroin addiction relapse, but they have also successfully blocked it, eliminating cravings for the drug. The study was conducted on heroin-addicted rats. But the researchers now think that, within a few years, […]

Toward an Individual Approach to Methadone Therapy of Heroin Addicts

Between 750,000 and 1 million people in the United States are addicted to heroin, a semi-synthetic opioid made from the seeds of opium poppies. This highly addictive, illegal drug is converted in the brain into morphine, which binds to opioid receptors (which normally bind pain-relieving peptides produced by the brain) to produce a euphoric rush […]

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