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Physicians Speaking Out About Prescription Painkiller Addiction

“I got it from a doctor, so it must be safe. Right?” Unfortunately, no. One of the most common misconceptions in society today is that when a doctor prescribes a drug, it’s safe. The statistics tell a different story, though. A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that more people […]

Family Intervention: Where to Start

When a loved one is facing a substance abuse problem, with either drugs or alcohol, staging an intervention may be the best way to show your loved one that you care and want to help. It also gives the addict a chance to tell their family and friends what they are going through, and for […]

Dealing With Substance Misuse

Substance misuse is a far reaching issue which effects many people. What substance misuse entails While substance misuse sounds awfully dramatic and involving many well-known, addictive drugs, the reality is that this is a misconstrued view of substance misuse and what it defines.  Numerous sorts of substances can be misused with potentially fatal effects on […]

Concerning GHB Treatment

The number of people who are slaves to addiction today is phenomenal. You or someone you know may be in the ring of addiction to prescription drugs. The circle of drugs and withdrawal is a frightening place. Getting out is harder for some people due to the drug they are using. One that is becoming […]

Jenkem – A Very Disputed Hallucinogen

Young adults are known for their ridiculous escapades in finding the next cheap high. Some have resorted to snorting nutmeg found in their household spice rack or even snorting recreational bath salts that are not related to soaking in tub. There are however other disturbing and disgusting trends that young adults in the world have […]

Healing The Addicted Brain

– A Biological Look Into The Mind Of An Addict Healing the addicted brain is not an easy task. We all know that drugs are addictive and that the effects of opiates on the body are bad, but few of us know what causes the addiction on a biological level. In this article we are […]

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