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Help For Parents Of Addicts

When I was an out of control Heroin and Crack addict, my parents were put through an unbelievable amount of stress and financial heartache. In my condition I only thought about it when I was coming down or in an emotional spiral.

District Attorney Who Prosecuted Paris Hilton for Cocaine Possession Arrested Buying Cocaine

Paris Hilton Prosecutor arrested for cocaine Reuters reports: LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Las Vegas deputy district attorney who prosecuted Paris Hilton for cocaine possession was arrested over the weekend after allegedly buying a rock of cocaine, authorities said on Monday. Clark County Deputy District Attorney David Schubert, 47, was taken into custody in Las […]

Do Addiction Books Help?

Addiction Books I’ve been getting a lot of people requesting me to suggest addiction books or videos that they could watch.  What I decided to do was make a post and feature several products that I can honestly recommend to everyone.  I have researched all of these listed here so let me know what you […]

Methadone vs. Suboxone: What choice is best?

Recovery options for addicts today offer a wide range of programs to suit many different individual needs. In my opinion, and also what worked best for me was “Maintenance Therapy”. The two main maintenance therapies available right now are Methadone and Suboxone. This article takes a detailed look at the differences of both.

Preventing Chronic Relapse | Dealing With Relapse Simplified

Chronic relapse can happen to anyone that is trying to escape the throws of substance abuse.  Some statistics say that the drug/alcohol addiction relapse rate is somewhere around 70%.  From my experience I would agree.  However, you must realize that you are a unique individual.  If you look at statistics you will fail for sure. […]

How Big Tobacco Lied To Us

Effects Of Smoking I think it is time to address the issues of cigarette addiction.  When I was growing up it was cool to smoke, everyone did it. I think that is a way younger kids tend to rebel.  Of course It was also cool to do Heroin… So lets not make up any more […]

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