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How To Get Into A Suboxone Program – Suboxone Information

Suboxone is a brand name for Buprenorphine and Naloxone made by the British pharmaceutical company Reckitt Benckiser. The other related product they make is Subutex. Lets learn about how to get into an out patient Suboxone program.

Methadone vs. Suboxone: What choice is best?

Recovery options for addicts today offer a wide range of programs to suit many different individual needs. In my opinion, and also what worked best for me was “Maintenance Therapy”. The two main maintenance therapies available right now are Methadone and Suboxone. This article takes a detailed look at the differences of both.

A Scary Revelation

I’ve Just been searching around on the web and came across some scary conversations on a popular #1 ranked addiction forum. Now I realize that it’s not the proprietor’s fault, I just was amazed about how uneducated the public still is about Suboxone and Subutex. Apparently, people are using Subutex to “ween” themselves off of […]

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