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How To Tell If Someone Is On Heroin?

If you suspect that someone you know is using heroin or any other opiate there are ways you can tell. First and foremost, you have probably noticed a change in their behavior or demeanor lately, or you wouldn’t be asking questions. Right? […]

Is the Situation Using Cocaine?

MTV’s reality series “Jersey Shore” has done its 2nd season in South Beach Miami. It has been a fist pumping frenzy as of yet! There have been recent allegations that “The Situation” as he is known was caught using Cocaine. This has not been proven to be fact as of yet. The story coming from […]

Teen Drug Abuse

In our society today our teens are constantly bombarded by  sexy marketing ploys about how to look and how to act. I think that it’s the number one reason that the peer pressure can get out of control. Every day there are ten year old girls begging to get the make-up or clothes that they saw their favorite […]

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